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If you have an exit strategy and an interest in locating a strategic buyer to purchase your online business (including eCommerce, Amazon and eBay stores), then please Contact Us. Before listing your Assets for sale, before contacting Private Equity, Brokers and Lending opportunities, talk to us. We might be a great fit and a solid strategic buyer for your business.

Our vast experience in Mergers and Acquisitions in the Digital Space as well as Internet Operations on various cart platforms and in virtually all digital marketplaces makes United Commerce Group an easy transition opportunity. Our onboarding team has over 20 years of combined experience in website operations; that expert knowledge can quickly transition Affiliate Marketers, Suppliers and Vendors onto our systems to make any Acquisition seamless. Since we’re already in the business, we understand your daily work schedule and how you value your company.

Business brokerage fees usually represent 10% of a business deal. By talking to us first, you can potentially save yourself those costs and talk directly to the right buyer for your business. We won’t waste your time; if we don’t think your business will be a good fit within United Commerce Group, we’ll let you know that in hours, not days.