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About Us


United Commerce Group is a privately held consortium of companies with holdings primarily in the digital space. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, we are invested in companies of various industries and categories, including Baby Products and Apparel, Home Security Products, Home Luxury Products, Sporting Goods and Outdoor Shelters. We also hold a 50% stake in, an Internet-Based Company focused on Sale-Side Transactions of eCommerce and Digital Marketplace Asset sales.

Our chief assets are our people and our experience in digital marketing. From optimization to advertising campaigns to creating social signals, we drive conversions on our properties by maintaining flexibility and by having the ability to adapt to an ever-evolving inbound marketing platform.

We continue to organically grow our companies through multiple channels and by becoming Industry Leaders in the categories we serve. Our World Class Customer Service has been a Top Priority at United Commerce Group, and it continues to be our biggest driver in an ever-increasing competitive Internet landscape.

Inorganic Growth is a constant at United Commerce Group. Since our founding in 2009, we have maintained a pragmatic, long term approach to asset acquisitions in the digital space. As growth leaders in eCommerce, we are beginning to realize economies of scale that are allowing us to compete at even higher levels. We will continue to invest in and acquire companies that maintain synergies with our business model in order to accentuate those scale opportunities.

We credit our success to a simple business model: focus on Core Competencies, keep things simple and demand the highest Customer Service levels out of our teams. We value transparency, collaboration and entrepreneurial spirit because we understand well that to succeed, we must each value ourselves, our customers and our success as one cohesive team.